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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Craig Johnson D B&N 2013

I need to thank a fellow hound for this one. I wasn’t aware of who Craig Johnson was or how entertaining he would be.  He is the author of the Longmire mysteries which has also been made into a TV series on A&E.

So, on the advice of my friend I went to this. I got there a few minutes before the start. When I saw that Craig was to speak first, I was disappointed.  For the most part, I don’t know the authors well enough or know their books to really care what they have to say.  Listening to them read a book isn’t all that exciting to me either.

As is my norm, I wondered through the stacks and looked over the books when the reading and the Q&A occur. I‘ll find a book and read.  So I passively listened to the reading and I must admit it wasn’t that bad. Craig spoke and read well and the story flowed nicely when read aloud.

Then he took a few questions and his charm came out.  He told amusing anecdotes about himself and the books and the show. He made me laugh when he and his wife got pulled over for speeding. The police office asked for the driver’s license and saw the name. The police officer asked if he was the same Craig Johnson that wrote the books. Craig said yes. The officer then went back to this car.  Craig turned to his wife. He said he recognized me...this could go good OR bad.  When the officer came back, he just gave a warning and told him to drive carefully so he could write more books.

Just the type of self-depreciating humor I like.  So I listened closer.  And I laughed a few other times. When he was done I must admit I didn’t might the wait at all.

When I got my book signed I asked why he went to Temple University in Philly. He mentioned while it was far from home (Wyoming), it had a grad degree in screenwriting.  That wasn’t something I heard every day.  He talked about what his goals were and why he wanted to do that.  He then filled me in on the circuitous route of college to NYC to writing books in Wyoming.

I owe nod to my friend and a thank you to Craig for being the exception when it comes to readings.


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