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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Capt Keith Colburn Krogers Frisco 2013

I’ll watch Deadliest Catch as I flipped through the channels.  Won’t claim to know all of the boats or the crew but it is fascinating how hard a life it is and how they struggle to bring us crabs.

Kroger is now buying Capt Keith Colburn’s crabs and they brought him to town to talk about the show and the crab.

I got there just as he was doing a demo to easily get the meat from the legs.  The way he showed it, it appeared so easy that I wondered why my wife and dad struggle so much at the restaurant.  They should have been there with me. As with most difficult things, there is a knack.

Then he handed out portions of that hard fought for meat. He gave samples to everyone.  I was near the end and he gave me a huge chunk.  Here I was with a huge piece on a toothpick. I plopped it into my mouth as he watched.  I smiled.

I know many of you are jealous I got a large piece of crab meat. It was easily two inches long and an inch thick. I bet you can taste it now and think about butter dripping down your chin as you savory the delicacy.  You are now wondering if you could go to the local Kroger’s and pick up some of Capt Keith’s Catch. Remember, this is sold exclusively at Kroger’s!

Again, why wasn’t my wife or dad here?  I hate crab. I quickly tried to chew and swallow before the taste became apparent.  I turned to hide my gag.  I chewed more but nothing wanted to be swallowed; like it was trying to stay in my mouth.  I chewed more and finally turned again to spit out into my hand.

I know many of you are aghast.  The waste!

I scanned the crowd to see if anyone noticed.  Even though I spit it out, there seemed to be tons more in my mouth. It seemed to be multiplying there. I spit again in my hand. And again…and again.  Still little bits floated in around my cheeks and under my tongue trying to gag me with that awful fishy taste. I wondered away from the crowd and dumped it in a trash bin.  The smell and taste were in my nose. I shiver even now as I remember it.

Finally, the signing started and I got my little card signed. We chatted about the name of the boat and finally I left. I immediately drove to McD’s for some civilized food.



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