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Thursday, August 1, 2013

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson #SDCC 2013

One of my favorite booths at SDCC is LightSpeed FineArts.  They have celebs signing throughout the show.  Because of them, I have most of the cast of Star Trek Next Generation.  This year they brought in David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Gillian does a few shows a year but we have never crossed paths.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen David listed at a convention.  So I was immediately on the phone when LightSpeed announced preorders for these two.

David was a limited signing; he was only appearing on Thursday.  While I needed to wait in line, the line wasn’t long. And since this was a cattle call (in and out with no conversation), the wait was short too.

The young lady in front of me showed off her canvas painting of ‘I Want to Believe’ poster.  David seemed interested and asked a couple of questions and the lady also squealed in joy.  Gillian just signed.

As a halo effect, I caught David’s interest and he smiled at me and said hello.  I think if I put my hand out, he would have shaken it. I know I muttered something about really enjoying Californication; but as I said I muttered it and he didn’t respond.  I had wanted to say something about seeing StephenTobolowshy and his comments about the upcoming season but I was out the door before I could say thank you to Gillian Anderson.

While not the most personal encounter it was memorable and exciting. These were 2 signatures I have wanted for a long time. 

Somehow, even though David and I never touched, I know he implanted an earworm on me. After I left the booth, I heard the X-File's tune in my head. I must have been whistling it under my breath for the next hour. 

The Truth Is Out There.


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