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Friday, August 2, 2013

Seth Green and Robot Chicken #SDCC 2013

I’ve wanted Seth Green for a long time.  When he has appeared at a booth, the line stretched forever. When he did signings at the Sails Pavilion, I never got a winning ticket. This year I had some luck.

The luck wasn’t so much from drawing the winning ticket but from the chaos in the raffle organization.   When the raffles first started, the line stretched around the corner and down the stairs and it seemed that no one would ever get a second chance to draw. Well, many people gave up after the first attempt and even more people gave up BEFORE their first attempt.

When I came back to the raffle area (yeah, I left for a while to check on some other stuff) I noticed that the volunteers with raffle bags were still out.  So I walked up and pulled several winning tickets.  Robot Chicken was one of them.  Yes, God Bless the 99%-ers who give up without trying.  But wow, what does that say about America?

I got in line just as the cast of Robot Chicken arrived. Seth Green stood on the table so the crowd could see him and he could see over the crowd.  He just won’t be tall enough if only stood on a chair.

The group took their time signing.  Seth talked with everyone.   He took photos with people, he recorded a few phone messages, and he signed a lady’s arm.

This lady had several tattoos from other signatures and she wanted Seth’s added to her arm.  He took the request seriously. He examined the other tattooed signatures. He asked where she wanted his.  He took his time and signed the desired spot.

Besides Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Tom Root, and ZebWells signed.  They were all friendly and happy to see their fans.


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