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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mary McDonnell Galacticon 3

Probably the longest line I was in all weekend was for Mary McDonnell.  Part of the wait was that she was a little late in arriving but also she was a popular guest that doesn’t do many conventions.

Very early on, she told the volunteers that she would be at the convention for the full day on Sunday.  So no one had to worry about missing her.  I thought that was very nice. Many guests leave early on Sunday or skip all together. And fans know that and they react accordingly. Fans weigh their options and might skip something else to be sure they get this autograph. She quickly  lowered the stress level for everyone.

Again she was another friendly signer. She chatted with everyone.  We talked about Dances with Wolves. She mentioned she felt that was a special movie.  I told her how it was a ‘stop down’ whenever it as on.  If you are flipping channels, you pause and watch a scene and before you know it, an hour had passed.



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