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Friday, August 16, 2013

Bill Paxton #SDCC 2013

Getting Bill Paxton’s autograph was due entirely from twitter. I saw it twitted somewhere and I followed up.  He was at the Arcana booth.  I was late as my Thursday was packed with opportunities.  In fact, I got there as they were wrapping up.

Bill was doing some 'meet and greets' with the people at the booth.  Posing and shaking hands. I stood politely to the side and caught someone’s attention.  I asked if it was too late. It WAS too late but you never know.  The guy I asked never blinked, he just looked to see if any books were still available. He didn’t care I was late.

They found a beat up copy that was well traveled. I wasn’t going to be picky. I said ‘sold’ and handed over the cash.

Even though they were in wrap up mode, Bill Paxton was super friendly.  He signed it and even dragged the Artist, Mick Reinman,  over to get him to sign.  At this point he could have turned back to the VIPs in the booth but he didn’t. He chatted with me.

I mumbled how much I enjoy Aliens and that it was one of my favorites.   He asked how I heard about this signing and if I read the book yet. He mentioned the idea came not long after his father passed away. 

Then he said he was keeping busy with a couple of projects; which was then followed up with ‘nothing I could talk about’. You never know if that is code for ’between work’ or they really have to be quiet.  So I did the normal noncommittal response of: ‘cool, look forward to seeing your movie’. 

We shook and I rushed off to the next signing.


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