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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mad Max #SDCC 2013

After the success of Thursday I was looking forward to a repeat  on Friday. Easy peasy, right?  What is it they say on all of the financial shows?  Past results are not indicative of future performance…

Again, the day started early.  Luckily I had some friends that were willing to start even earlier and let me hang out with them.  Once the doors opened, we all got into the Warner Bros autograph line. Even though we were early, there were still several hundred people in front of us.   

Friday had lots of options at the WB booth. Game of Thrones, Veronica Mars, and Banshee were high on my list.  By the time we got our chance to pull a ticket (and the line was incredibly long and no hope of going through a second time) several shows were already closed.   

The WB drawings are a little different.  They have all of their shows at one table and you tell the people behind the table which bag you want. They put it front of you and you reach in. Voila, you win or lose.

I have never had much luck at the WB drawings. I’m told that most of the tickets are winning tickets and only a few losers are in the mix. I must be a loser magnet.  Over the years I have repeatedly struck out at WB. My Big Bang autograph was from the CBS booth drawing and The Following autographs came from another friend giving me her wristband.

With my losing streak well on my mind, I watched countless people win on Veronica Mars.  I felt if I chose that I was destined to lose.  I figured I would try for Banshee.  My friends went through and both got willing raffle tickets. Now the pressure was on. I knew the laws of probability were just waiting for me to pull a losing ticket to continue the losing streak.

I have no idea why I changed my mind. I panicked.  Instead of saying Banshee, a show both the wife and I enjoy, I said Mad Max.  Something I didn’t even know about.  I figured it was for the movie.  'Okay, I can do that, I say to myself. I’ll get a movie poster and see some of the actors.'  I’m pumping myself up like the people on Family Feud when they say ‘Good Answer, Good Answer’.  We both know the answer sucked. 

Then I pulled a ticket and I won.  Actually I surprised myself.  I smiled.  I thought wow, the streak continues.  I broke that tradition of losing at the WB. It’s all going to change now.  With the wristband proudly dangling from my arm, I met up with my friends and got into another line.

At the anointed time, I got in line at the WB booth.  Currently the Game of Thrones cast was signing. Wow, what a hard hitting line up that was.  While jealous I missed out on that, I KNEW my signing would be good.  I’m excited. The anticipation builds. They start moving us through the cattle gates and the line is moving fast. Even fast for these signings.  As I get closer to the front I see it’s just one person.  Hmm, not good.  Maybe the director is signing?  It happens.

The mini poster is signed and passed to me. Instantly I realize it was for the video game and not the movie.  I'm not much of a video game fan. And the guy signing, Shane Davis, a talented artist and does not get the recognition he deserves, was not who I expected to see.

So, the WB curse continues. No movie poser. No cast members.  Past results do seem to be indicative…


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