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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Michael McMillian #SDCC 2013

I saw that Michael McMillian was going to do a book signing at ComicCon.  I always have mixed feeling about celeb books.  It’s an easier way to get an autograph but you end up with a book instead of a photo.  And if you are walking around all day, it’s heavy in the backpack.

When I got to the signing for Michael, my mixed feelings moved to the positive end of the spectrum.  Not only were they GIVING you something to get signed, it was small and easy to carry. Since this had been a book intensive trip already and it was still early in the day, I was happy to receive a small booklet sample of his upcoming book instead of the hardback.  AND it was for free.

After I entered the short line, a lady hustled up to me and asked if I was here for the signing.  If you missed the first 5 words of this paragraph: I had ENTERED the line when she rushed to me.  Meaning: I was in the line.  Meaning: I had a purpose and I was fulfilling it. Meaning: she asked a stupid question.

 I could understand her question if I was outside the line and peering in. Or maybe if I was pacing back and forth wondering what I should do next. Or even if I walked up to her and asked where the line was.  But we already established I was IN THE LINE.

Since it was only Friday and I usually don’t become flippant until Sunday, I smiled and simply said, yes.  A big smile appeared and she said, ‘Oh Good!  You’ll need this!’  She handed me his sample booklet.  I thanked her and since she wasn’t the moron I was looking for, I moved along.

The short line inched forward. As I inched, I watched her repeat this scenario for everyone that ENTERED the line.  She didn’t quite get the hang of her posted responsibilities nor what she was asking.  Surprisingly none of my fellow inchers exposed her to Nerd Rage and she blithely continued on.

As I got closer to the front of the line I focused on Michael instead of the lady trying to confuse people with her questions.  Michael seemed like a nice guy. He smiled and posed for pictures. And after a few minutes I wondered if he was in character.  His mannerisms and voice sounded like he did on TV.

The book is written from his character point of view.  HBO and True Blood are endorsing it.  It very well could be he was acting. Nothing wrong with that. We chatted. He signed and I was happy.  I received a very cool and unique item.  It wasn’t taking up room in my pack and it wasn’t heavy. Since the line wasn’t long, I didn’t even need to hustle to the next signing.


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