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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Esme Bianco #SDCC 2013

Another of my favorite booths to visit at ComicCon is Holzheimer’s.  They usually have a few celebrities signing at their booth. It’s rarely a long line or a rushed event.  You can have a bit of conversation without feeling like you are causing someone else to wait.  The guests really seem to enjoy themselves and Jackie (one of the ladies that that runs the booth) is friendly and always gives me a big smile when I stop by.

Now, I must admit, their web presence isn’t quite in the 21st century yet, so I didn’t know who was scheduled until we dropped by on Preview Night.  I was told that Esme Bianco would be there.  The name didn’t ring a bell but the photos did. As with most of the characters of Game of Thrones, I can’t match names and faces or even how the actor looks like out of makeup and costume.  But from the photo they had on display I knew the character and was excited.

Esme was all smiles as she signed. I was slightly embarrassed to say anything about her character. She portrays a working girl.  She gets tortured.  She gets killed by horrid excuse of a human being.  It’s hard to say: Hey! I love our work!  What’s your motivation?

 So I smiled and said I enjoyed the show. I gathered my photo and thanked her.  I made sure to say ‘hi’ to Jackie before I left and moved on.


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  1. Very cool man, didn't recognize the name either but as soon as I saw the photo knew who it was.