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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea #SDCC 2013

Gary Lockwood has been at SDCC for years. Being a big Star Trek fan I’m not sure why I haven’t stopped and picked up his autograph.  Maybe the fates were telling me to wait. This year Keir Dullea was with him. So I picked up both of them on one photo.

Regardless of your feelings about 2001: A Space Odyssey, it is a movie that has made an impact to society and how we view space. The characters that these two portray are iconic.   It was a no brainer to get a photo with both their signatures.

Both were sitting.  Gary was quietly watching the crowd. Keir was the side show barker. Announcing to the passersbys that the booth had 2, count them 2, members from the movie ‘2001’ signing autographs.  I stopped and smiled and tried to say something pithy like, ‘And there they are!’ as I pointed to them.  Keir nodded in agreed.  He wasn’t denying it.

I told him I had recently watched Starlost on Netflix.  He shook his head in wonder.  He told me I was too young to have known about that series. I had to admit I saw it as a very very young one but the imagery stayed with me.

I picked out a photo with both of them to sign from ‘2001’. Keir signed it and then handed the photo to Gary. Gary thought I said Star Trek instead of Starlost and mentioned in he was in the  Star Trek pilot.  I told him I was a big Trekkie and of course I recognized him from Star Trek.

So I’m glad I procrastinated all these years as I got both at one shot.


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