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Friday, August 23, 2013

Brickleberry #SDCC 2013

I stood in the Fox line for a long long time.  It did give me a great opportunity to get to know one of my nodding acquaintances better.  We mostly chatted about work. As different as our jobs and backgrounds are we had a lot of common ground.

When we finally got to the front of the line, Fox had tricked up the drawing. It really wasn’t even a drawing. It was: step up and take 2 autograph tickets from 2 shows.  I forget what my number one desire was but it was gone.  So I picked another show and Brickleberry.  Not quite a panic moment like Mad Max but it was slim pickings at that point. The remaining shows with tickets I had either gotten in previous years or I just wasn’t interested.

The signing for Brickleberry had several people in attendance (Natasha Leggero, Tom Kenny, Zac Moncrief, Wac O'Giun, Roger Black, and David Herman). Since I don’t watch the show (Yes, shame on me.) I really didn’t know who they were.  I could tell they were having a great time. They laughed and joked among themselves.  They were a bunch of people that enjoyed each other’s company. Even as involved as they were in talking to each other, they did give eye contact and say a few words with the fans.


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