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Monday, August 26, 2013

Ashley Scott #SDCC 2013

I’m the best husband in the world!  - Yep, she said that. It’s true. I was there. I heard with my own two ears.  Envision me with thumbs in my imaginary suspenders rocking back and forth on my heels in self-satisfaction.
Ashley Scott was hanging out at the Jericho Kansas, Inc Fan Booth and doing a signing.  When I walked up I noticed how short her hair was.  I commented on it.  I also added how nice it looked. It wasn’t flattery either. It really did look nice.  

 She gave me a big enthusiastic thank you. She told me that a lot of guys have come up and asked why she cut her hair off.  Then they followed that up with a comment that it USED to look so nice.  And guys wonder why the never get dates, huh?

I mentioned I have had a lot of female coworkers.  I learned to just give a neutral comment like, oooh, you’ve changed your hair.  This way I acknowledge they did something. (Yeah, some guys do notice stuff like that.) Then I’d follow up with another neutral comment like: How do you like it so far?  There is an implied understanding that it might take some time to get used to the new style or get the hang of 'fixing it' every morning.

This lets me gauge if they are happy with it or not.  I’m not judgmental and I can be supportive without backtracking. In a way it’s cowardice but it also doesn’t burn bridges.

That is when the proclamation of my husbandry skills was made.  Pay attention dear loving wife of mine.

I told Ashley I forgot to load a photo on my camera. I wanted to share it with her.  I took the picture a few SDCCs ago. I snapped a quick shot of her at a signing along with Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James.  I liked the photo because she was in the middle of laughing. It looked so real. She looks like someone that enjoys laughing.  She asked for a copy. Which the best husband in the world gladly did when he got back home.


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  1. Great story man, I'd love to meet her someday!