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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leonard Maltin #SDCC 2013

You read it right. Leonard Maltin showed up at SDCC and did a book signing.  I was excited to get a book signed.  Whether you agree with his reviews or not, he’s a legend.  He was an autograph I wanted.  He and some of his contemporaries inspired a million blogs.

While the line was short, it was slow. Everyone had a few words to say. Whether it was because the fans were explaining why his reviews was wrong or they were telling him that their reviews was right, I’m not sure.  He listened.  He nodded.  He signed. Very Vito Corleone of the Godfather.

I had nothing to say but he still signed. He seemed just as happy that I said ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ instead of giving him my 2 cents. Sometimes that all you want or need from your legends.

PS - thanks to Hag for catching a glaring typo!

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