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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Claudia Black and Dragon Age #SDCC

There were quite a few people standing in line and pulling beads out of the bowl at the Dark Horse booth. Many of them were there for a chance to meet and get an autograph from Ben Gelinas and Nick Thornborrow.

Who are they?  That’s basically what I thought.  Not being a gamer, I’m not aware of the coolness of Dragon Age nor how awesome the storyline and characters that they created are. Not being a gamer, I wasn’t in line pulling beads, repeatedly, for them.

I was in line hoping for a blue bead out of the sea of white so I could meet Claudia Black.  Who is she?  Well, it’s all comes down to your type of nerdiness.  I am the type of geek that watched Farscape and Stargate. So Claudia Black is a big name for me.

My friends clued me in that the Dark Horse allows outside items signed.  Once I pulled a blue bead (only took 5 or 6 tries), I needed to track down a photo to get signed. The first place that came to mind was Holzheimer’s and they did have several photos to choose. I choose a photo that reminded me how quirky her character in Stargate was.

As I mentioned, a lot of the people were there to see the creators of Dragon Age.  It’s been a long time..., a long time...since I’ve heard that level of nerdiness. The two in front of me were dressed as characters from the game. While they had never met before, they formed a tight Dragon Age friendship.  They chatted incessantly about the plot and the skill level. Both concepts that are far beyond my ken. 

When they saw the photo I was going to get signed, they quipped, oh she was in that?  And then delved back into the story and possible future plot lines.  When they got to the signing table, Claudia was ignored other than getting the perfunctory signature before talking to the ‘gods’ of Dragon Age.  They quickly peppered them with questions. Ben and Nick responded with pat non-committal answers to avoid any spoilers.

I handed over my photo and told Claudia how beautiful her accent was.  She smiled.  Not impressed. Oh well. I tried. I still got my photo signed.  She also signed the Dragon Age mini poster.  With my prized Claudia Black 8x10 in hand, Nick and Ben knew I wasn’t interested in them. They still signed the mini poster.

I left with another signature that had been on my want list for a long time...a long time...


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  1. Great pic choice for an autograph. I'm a big fan of hers as well. I love her characters on Farscape and SG-1. She is very talented. In addition to Dragon Age, she also had parts in Uncharted and Mass Effect. Great actress.