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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Divergent #SDCC 2013

While I was standing in line for hours and hours Thursday morning, I was talking to people.  As shy and quiet as I am, I do chat.  I’ll make friends and build bridges…if the people I’m around have some societal skills.

As we are chatting and learning about each other, I heard a lot of buzz about Divergent.  I’m clueless.  I haven’t heard about the book nor the movie.  People were just as excited about this movie as Ender’s. Huh, so I file that tidbit away.  I‘m thinking, if I strike out with Ender’s Game maybe I can save the day and get an autograph from Divergent.

After, I get my Ender’s Game wrist band I do try unsuccessfully for Psych.  After several attempts they run out of Psych wristbands. And even though I should be sated with my Ender’s Game wristband, I greedily noticed there was still a line for Divergent.  I quickly walk over and succeed on the first attempt.

Again, this was a wristband that had a time and location to show up, but not what event it was for.  It’s way in the back of the Convention center. It’s one of those hush hush signings that are not public.

At the anointed hour, the let us in the room. I’m near the front and get in with the second or third group.  James Theo signs a phrase and then his name. Shailene Woodley commented on his phrase and she felt she had to add something too from the movie. Veronica Roth, the author of the book that the movie is based,  also added a catch phrase from the movie.  The director, Neil Burger, just signed his name.

I understand the ‘Be Truthful’ and the ‘Be Brave’. Those are part of the factions of the society within the book.  I have no idea what James wrote.

Let me know what I’m missing.


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