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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Intelligence #SDCC 2013

Thursday I was also lucky enough to pick up a winning ticket for the new show Intelligence. The big names are Josh Holloway and Marge Helgenberger.

Since I was running around picking up other signatures, I was actually late for the pre-event line up in the Sails Pavilion and had to hustle downstairs to the CBS booth to get in line. I was the last in line.  The line was moving fast and before I knew I was near the front and there were a few more stragglers behind me.

I took a couple of blurry photos.

Josh was smiling and chatting to Meghan Ory of Once Upon a Time, who was next to him. I was more focused on Marge.  When I got in front of her I just mentioned how much I enjoyed China Beach. She paused.  Then said, if I really liked China beach I should be happy.  I know I had a question mark hanging over my head.  She continued with, they release the series on DVD.  I smiled. And thanked her as I left.

While Tripp Vinson and Michael Seitzman also signed,  they are Executive Producers of the show, I was smiling and floating because Marge talked to little old me.


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