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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ender’s Game #SDCC 2013

Ender’s Game is a book I can geek out about.  The long promised movie has me excited.  So getting autographs from the actors was high on my list of wants/needs for this SDCC trip.

Thursday I got up early and stood in line for over 4 hours to get a chance to pull a raffle for this movie.  I didn’t win.  The line was incredibly long. In reality there was no way I would make it back through the line to try again.

But somehow and for some unknown reason, for this particular line, they didn’t make us go back outside to wait again.  They let us queue up at the table again.  Instead of thousands of people in front of me, there were 20.  I lost again.  Next time in line there was 40 people in front of me.  I tried again…and lost.  With every cheer of success, I felt my hopes diminish.

I worked my way through the line 10 times before I won and got my wrist band. My prized wristband, which told me where and when the signing would be.

So the day was a success with nothing else done. The number ONE objective was met. I was happy. Did I bask in my glow?  Nope, I scurried off in hopes of achieving more booty.

 At the designated hour and place, I met some of my fellow hounds. We waited in a dark corridor that is away for the crowds.  The constant buzz of the expo floor left far behind us.  We chatted among ourselves; wondering who would be in the signing room.  We could hear the movie preview beneath us in Hall H. The battle scene thundered through the floor. 

After a short time, we were told to stand. They took us into the room in groups of 10. As my group finally entered, we scanned the room for faces. We quickly identified Asa Butterfield who plays Ender. But Hailey Steinfled , who plays Petra, was an unknown to us at that time. The third person at the table was the director, Gavin Hood.

The room is always quiet. You are not supposed to talk to the actors. The process was quick. You can't take pictures and your cameras and phones need to be 'put away'. No real interaction is made with the actors. They each signed and we thanked them individually, albeit with library whispers.

The excitement of getting a signature from Ender's Game over shadowed the disappointment of other missing cast members. It was still one of my favorite signings from this convention.



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