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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gini Koch #SDCC 2013

Some people are like whirlpools and before you now it you are in the middle spinning around and you didn’t even realize you left dry land.

I’ve seen Gini Koch’s book, Alien In the House on bookshelves. It looked like a fun read.  She was signing at the Mysterious Galaxy Booth just before Scott Westerfeld. I didn’t come to see her. I didn’t come to get her book but within 2 minutes I was an old friend and being told to bend over so we could hug.

Think about that… I was passing through, with a mission, and I ended up with her book and begging off a hug because I was all sweaty… within 2 minutes.  Really, how does that happen?  I didn’t feel pressured.  I didn’t feel abused.  I must have fallen under her spell because I was smiling and laughing.

After I was done with Scott, she was leaving the area and she got her hug then.  Again I tried to beg off but BAM!, we had arms around each other and she was telling me how good to was to see me.  I laugh even now remembering it.

Okay, you swim to land and shrug it off as mistaken identity and get back on mission.

The next day, I’m walking through the Sails Pavilion along with thousands of others and she’s waving and smiling and shouting hello to me. We barely stop as she has to do another signing and I need to hustle elsewhere but she remembered me.

Next month, we’ll both be at WorldCon…a much more relaxed and interactive convention.  I just hope I don’t drown.  I bet I’ll have a smile on my face if I do.


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