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Thursday, September 5, 2013

4th Dr cosplay #SDCC 2013

No autographs were harmed in the making of this vignette. Actually, no autographs were had in the making of this vignette.

I’m standing in the short line for Grant Imahara minding my own business.  As the norm, I’m people watching. I noticed a cosplayer.  Cosplay is big and mostly because of the buxom young women about to expose themselves on the SDCC expo floor.  But not all cosplay is from young females.

The real Tom Baker
never got a photo of the cosplayer
This cosplayer was mid thirty’s, tall, and slightly heavier than the character he portrayed.  The long scarf, frock coat, and floppy hat were instantly recognizable as Tom Baker’s Doctor. The cosplayer even had the curly locks and some of the mannerisms of this Doctor.

This cosplayer was representing My Doctor.   The Doctor I have watched for years and years.  The Doctor that had me carrying a yo-yo when I was 17 years old. The Doctor that had me whistling The Bridge of River Kwai tune.  The Doctor that taught me to ask: what’s the point of being an adult if you can’t act childish (much to the bane of my wife)?

One of the things about the Baker Doctor that amused me was the depthless pockets in his coat. He had anything and everything in there.  A favorite scene is Baker emptying his pockets in a weapons check. He pulled many items out including a partially eaten apple as he made a small pile on the table.

As this cosplayer passed, I was intrigued; as intrigued as I was with the real 4th Doctor.  He chatted with people as he walked.  He tipped his hat.  He had that infectious Baker smile and made a somewhat googly-eyed face.  I said that he had a great outfit.  He nodded his thanks and continued on his way.  He was 2 or 3 steps away when I blurted out that all he needed was some jelly babies.

That stopped him.  He turned back and quietly told me I said the magic word.  He pulled out an iconic small brown paper bag from one of his depthless pockets. The top of the bag rolled down to allow easy access.  He offered it to me; much like The Doctor did in several episodes.

I glanced in. I saw some small bits of black licorice.  Normally, I would have refused.  A stranger with candy?  At ComicCon?  Who knows what germs were lurking in this innocent looking bag.  What better incubator than sugary candy?

But this was My Doctor. I trusted this Doctor with my life. I carefully reached in and extracted a piece without touching any of the others.

I asked if it was poisoned, another reference to Baker.  He smiled again. I played along well.

Continuing to take my cue from the Baker character, I fearlessly popped the candy into my mouth and bit down. He walked off.  I realized this wasn’t licorice or a gummy bear but a jelly baby.

In my surprise, I squeaked out: that was a REAL jelly baby!

He turned and with a flourish he removed his hat and bowed.  I heard him say:  But of course, what else would you expect?  Then he disappeared into the crowd.


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