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Monday, September 23, 2013

Buzz Aldrin CR Smith Museum 6/22/13

A long long time ago, I got Buzz Aldrin to sign a copy of his book, The Return. It was a novel and co-written with one of my favorite sci fi writers, John Barnes.  Not many people were there for that.

Even though I don’t often get multiples (yeah, I break that rule...think of it as more of a guideline than a rule) I couldn’t pass on the chance to get Buzz’s recent book.

Fortunately, since I didn’t know where the American Airlines’ CR Smith museum was, I scoped it out a week before hand and even bought a couple of copies of the book then.  When I arrived on the morning of the signing, not only was there a huge crowd waiting to get in, they were sold out of books.

I didn’t arrive early enough to get a seat though.  So I stood somewhere in the museum where I couldn’t hear or see a thing.  While it would have been nice to hear (again breaking one of ‘guidelines’) what Buzz Aldrin had to say, it wasn’t critical. I was happy knowing I would get my books signed.

I must admit, I took a photo on my camera. Not the greatest photo but decent.  I moved the image from the camera to the computer for safe keeping.  You know, just in case the camera was lost or broke or someone accidently deleted the photo.  I’m sure the photo is still somewhere safe on my computer but I can’t find it. (hey! I found it when I was looking for something else! doesn't it always work that way?)

Buzz signed. Then signed some more. Signed even more. The line moved fairly fast but I was there a while waiting for my turn.  I got to say thank you for the signature.  I wanted to say more but was rushed away.  It’s okay.  I got my signature.


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