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Monday, September 9, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland #SDCC 2013

Never thought I’d get a winning raffle ticket for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Yes, I would have preferred the original series but any free autograph is relished.  Again, this was a case of people giving up.  I came back to the Sail Pavilion after getting Grant Imahara’s auto. I saw there were still people holding the canvas bags.  I hustled over and picked up a few different winning tickets.

The worst thing about the ABC booth:  they had no room for people to queue up.  Someone from the booth took a group of us to a place far away to wait.  I think we were even forgotten about for a while. While we were waiting security came by and tried to disperse us.  The group refused to leave.  It’s always interesting to see people refuse.  Civil disobedience.  Higher level security came by and we still refused to move.  Someone contacted the booth and a representative came by and spoke with security and defused the ‘crisis’.

It’s wasn’t riot time.  I wasn’t going to lose my badge and get kicked out.  But I wasn’t going to just mosey along at the first sign of trouble either.  As I said, the ‘crisis’ was resolved and we got to stay where we were.

When I finally got to the booth, I saw a long line of signers.  That is always nice.  My jaw dropped when I saw Naveen Andrews.  I gawked and said: You’re in this?  He smiled and I’m sure he wondered how I escaped whatever hospital I was in. I followed that up with: I’ve been watching Sinbad. I’m sure that’s not his proudest moment in acting. I knew it was time to be quiet and remove foot from mouth.

Considering this autograph signing wasn’t on my radar until I circled back to the Sails Pavilion; considering the hassle with security; and considering we were almost forgotten, this was an exciting addition to my collection.


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