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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Anne Rice #SDCC 2013

Still on the high from Tom Cruise, I got in line for Anne Rice.  I have wanted her for a long time.  I enjoyed her book, Interview with a Vampire.  It’s amazing how it reshaped the Vampire archetype.

Again, this was not something I had planned on but the raffle tickets were still available and I picked one up. I actually felt bad as I had 3 others I couldn’t use. There was another signing for Ender’s Game (different cast members) at the Legendary Booth that conflicted with Edge of Tomorrow. George RR Martin, I just blew off as I felt I had a great chance to get him at WorldCon.  Robert Kirkman I really wanted but I had more conflicts. For Kirkman I know the line would be extremely long and by the time I got out I would be late for a date with my wife.

The line for Anne Rice was short. Since you could buy/bring as many books as you wanted it moved slowly.  Luckily books were being sold at the table. By the time I got up to the front the selections were slim. I bought The Wolf Gift in trade.

Anne was pleasant. She listened as people tried to tell her how much her books moved them.  I just wanted the book and the signature. I thanked her. I told her I never got to New Orleans for her Vampire’s Ball.  She said I must go sometime.  I said hopefully soon. I know I would enjoy the people watching.

I left with yet another book in my backpack.  I walked to meet my wife at Herd HQ. Saturday was almost over.


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