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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Evangeline Lilly #SDCC 2013 Nerd HQ

This is not my tale to tell. The wife had this adventure. She wrote all of it except for the parts she didn’t.

I relinquish the keyboard to her...

Sigh…ComicCon.  Not really my thing.  I go.  Mostly because my husband will have TOO good of a time without me.  Well, maybe that’s not the total truth.  He does have a good time there. I just want to share and there are some things at ComicCon I enjoy too.

When I first started to go, everything was smaller and easier.  You didn’t need to wait in line forever. You could move from room to room as you wanted.    Now the whole event is waiting and waiting and hoping you make it into a panel you wanted to see.

My ComicCon trip is complete if I see The Big Bang Theory panel.   True Blood and Game of Thrones are bonuses.  This year, I did see Big Bang but I missed out on the other two; although I did get to see Joe Manganiello at Nerd HQ.  My husband surprised me by getting a ticket to Joe’s panel.  I really enjoyed that.

What I didn’t realize, this was part of a bigger plan.  He actually had me scoping out the place for the Evangeline Lilly book signing.  The love of my life also got me a ticket to the Evangeline panel.  The goal was to get a couple of her books signed.  While my husband was busy getting Tom Cruise’s autograph, I was to get Evangeline’s.

Nerd HQ was held at PetCo Park. It’s very close to the convention center.  It’s less crowded and quieter and has better food.  They even had charging stations for your phones.  It’s a way for people not attending ComicCon to see some of the guests and a way for people at ComciCon to get a break from the chaos.

She talked about her life after Lost; her child; and the inception of her book, The Squickerwonkers.  She described the book as a child’s graphic novel.  It’s supposed to be a series and it’s supposed to be dark and scary.

Something my husband didn’t know, Nathan Fillion was the interviewer.  Not only did I see Evangeline and sit while the husband walked around on concrete floors, I was very close to Nathan.  Sigh... ComicCon isn’t that bad after all.

After the panel, they held the signing in the concourse.  I got 2 books. One for us and one for our friend’s grandkids. As she personalized the one book, she commented her nickname was the same as one of the kids.  How cool is that?

When I was done with the signing, my husband met me at Nerd HQ.  Then he treated me to a romantic dinner of turkey sandwiches.

Mrs AH

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