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Friday, September 13, 2013

Thrilling Adventure Hour #SDCC 2013

After I got Anne Rice, I headed over to Nerd HQ to pick up the wife.  She was still in line for Evangeline Lilly’s book signing so I sat and people watched.

When the wife was done I greedily looked over the signed books. Then I took her out to dinner.  I feasted her on the fine cuisine of PetCo Park. We got a couple of turkey sandwiches from one of the vendor.  Yes, I spared no expense.  Even though we were running behind, we sat and chatted about the day.

I had bought some tickets to see Thrilling Adventure Hour (TAH).  I never heard of them.  I think I came across them when I was looking over the lists of panels at Nerd HQ.  As I was trying to figure out what they were, I saw the magic words (no, not jelly babies) ‘autograph’.

One of the tickets would allow autographs after the show.  With my interest piqued, I discovered they were an 'old time' radio show that performed in front of a live audience. That instantly brought forth some fond memories of my dad.  Every now and then he would find an old radio program and have us listen.

TAH brings in guests to perform and at SDCC, the guests are very nerd worthy.  When I saw Misha Collins and Molly Quinn listed, I bought tickets. Even though I wasn’t sure I could get an individual autograph of these two, I printed out some photos.

We walked to the theater and got there about 10 minutes late. We found some seats toward the front and relaxed.  My wife is SUCH a trooper. She didn’t have a clue what I got her into but she gamely followed me.  She laughed just as much as I did. The TAH troupe puts on a great show.

After the show we were also lucky to be near the front of the line for autographs.  They handed out 5 x 7 cards to get signed. Everyone was out along the tables signing. Even people that weren’t on stage had gathered to sign. Everyone was friendly and chatted.

The first photo I pulled out was for Molly Quinn. She signed and gave me a big smile.  The wife had been following Molly on Twitter and asked about some details she had been reading.  Apparently Nathan Fillion brought Molly a stray kitten. The wife asked about it and Molly excitedly leaned forward and caught my wife up on the latest; like they were old friends.

Jenny Wade was also in Line and she signed a photo for me.

And sometimes, you are too prepared and you forget your lines…I really enjoy Misha Collins in Supernatural. He quickly signed. I wanted to say: you know you single handedly changed the wrinkled trench coats and unshaved look from pervy to cool.  But I just blew my line. I never said it. I was too excited that I was actually getting his signature.

While I had a few other photos ready, I didn’t press it. I heard someone say they needed to speed up the process. They still had another show to perform.  So I was very happy with my haul.

I’m looking forward to next year.


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