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Monday, September 16, 2013

Sandahl Berman #SDCC 2013

It’s Sunday morning.  I slept in. I didn’t even attempt to get in line for Supernatural or Dr Who. I was pretty tired but also pretty satisfied with my show so far. I was just checking out the floor.

As I moved from ‘here’ to ‘there’ I passed my old friend the Holzheimer’s booth.  And there I saw someone I didn’t expect, Sandahl Berman.  My friends at the booth didn’t mention she would be signing.  I was happy that I ran across her.  As I said before, there are usually less people in line at the booth than on the autograph floor.

I stopped and I got her autograph.  She looked great.  She was flirty. She talked about being a dancer, about long legs but no breasts.  She shook my hand and she had the coldest hands I have ever felt in summer.  I felt so bad about her cold hands.  She was flirty. Yeah, I know I said that already.

Then I left.

A month later I ran across her again in Houston.  I needed to get her to sign a baseball for a friend.  She was a sweetie.  She talked with everyone.  She told tales about fellow actors.  And she flirted with EVERYONE.

She mentioned she had been meeting a lot of moms lately.  The moms all recognized her because of the posters their sons had on the wall. she also mentioned that the moms didn't really know why she was on their son’s walls.  Pretty funny.  Did I mention she flirted with everyone?

When I got to talk to her she was flattered to be signing a baseball.  Something she hadn’t done before.  I mentioned I saw her at SDCC and her cold hands.  She grabbed mine and this time they were warmer but still very cold. I told her I thought about being her gloves.  She smiled and hugged me because I was such a nice guy to even think that.

By now, she had a long line so I excused myself said goodbye.  


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