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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vic Mignogna #SDCC 2013

So right after Sandhal, I pass the Lightspeed booth and VicMignogna was there and no one in line.  I’ve passively wanted him for a while. I’ve either missed him or he’s cancelled or I ran out of time or his scheduled changed.

Now was the time. I had nowhere I needed to be at the moment and I still had a little money in my pockets.

He was a super nice guy. He would have talked as long as I wanted. He stood the whole time and really seemed engaged with what I was saying. And even though all those things were going for me, I had nothing to say.  I hate that. At times, I’m clever and chatty and other times I’m a dud.  Oh well, I got my autograph.


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