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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seanan McGuire #SDCC 2013

Toward the end of the day Saturday, a longtime friend texted me.  The text was about Seanan McGuire appearing at the California Browncoats booth on the Expo floor.  I blew it off.  I didn’t know Seanan.  My feet hurt.  And the California Browncoats booth was a long long ways away. It’s easily a ½ mile away.  I was tired and had a very full filling day.

I responded something like ‘thanks, but no thanks’.  I found a place to sit and watched people and basked in a job well done.  Then it dawned on me.  I misread the text.  My friend, Ms Low Maintenance, who never asks for ANYTHING…wanted me to get an autograph for HER. I felt like an idiot.

I gathered my crap and hustled down stairs and across the expo floor to the Browncoats booth.  Luckily I knew where it was. Luckily it’s toward the back of the convention center where the crowds are thin. Luckily I made great time. Luckily nothing. I was too late. I missed out.

I texted my friend the bad news. Then I looked through the program guide and saw that Seanan was signing in the Sails Pavilion on Sunday. Ah ha! A chance for redemption.

Sunday. I had a mission.  I got in line.

The signing was a group of authors.  They are lined up across a couple of tables.  Books were being sold. Because I was early I got a free book.  The people selling the books gave away free versions of Morgan Rhodes new book.  Morgan Rhodes was at the table. I got that signed. Yeah me.

Not long later I got Seanan to sign a couple of books; one for my friend and one for me.  Somehow, Seanan and I talked about WorldCon and the Hugos.  She told me she had set a record for most nominations in a year.  She asked if I voted.  She suggested I vote.  Not for her specifically, although she wouldn’t mind that…she wanted to ensure I upheld my duties and voted.

After making vague promises about voting, I left and texted my friend that I got a book signed her.


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