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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tom Batiuk #SDCC 2013

The last thing on my list for SDCC was getting Tom Batiuk’s autograph. Funky Winkerbean is another strip I’m been reading for decades.  Tom canceled his SDCC appear last year, so I was happy to see him re-scheduled for this year.

Sadly, he didn’t have books to purchase at his table.  He mentioned he used to bring books and often they just sat there.  Over the years, he decided to bring a stack of book plates.  This way, if someone like me didn’t have a book, they could still get the book plate signed. And it was no big deal to lug a stack of book plates around all day.

He was friendly.  He was quiet.  I’m at an age that it’s weird to say I’ve been reading your comic since I was a little one. We all know that means decades.  In a way you are saying: Wow, we are old and you’re even older than me.  I said it anyway. He smiled as he knew what I meant.  We were old.  I chatted about Funky a little just so he knew I was a fan.  I left fairly quickly.  My SDCC was officially over.


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