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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sleepy Hollow #SDCC 2013

The drama of the Adrienne Barbeau signing caused this to be a blur. As I debated skipping out on Adrienne, this was the signing I wanted to attend.

The Fox booth line moves fast and I knew that. Lines are a mysterious and dangerous thing at SDCC.  Often there is no room to queue up at a booth.  The line will start somewhere that does not block pedestrian traffic.  Sometimes that line is out of sign of the booth.

The people managing the line for Fox on the expo floor were not very helpful.  I’m not sure if they are volunteers or just low level flunkies that didn’t care but they struggled with line management.  They told me that the signing hadn’t started when it had.

Regardless, I worked through the confusion and the line and got my autographs.  The big name for me was Orlando Jones. I’m very happy he was there.  Earlier in the day, I missed a booth appearance for him.  I just couldn’t get back to the booth in time.

Because this was a blur and I was trying to get back in time for the other signing, I have no real clue who signed.  I don’t really remember much.  I’m pretty sure I got Tom Mison,  Nicole Beharie (who is stunningly beautiful – I do remember that) ,  Orlando Jones,  Alex Kurtsman,  Roberto Orci,  and Len Wiseman.  Maybe Philip Iscove too...maybe.  I know there are 8 signatures on the poster. I do know Clancy Brown was NOT there. I would have geeked out all over him and then Adrienne would have been forgotten.

At the end of the line, I even got a nice t-shirt promoting the series. That shirt has since gone to the neighbor girl that cat sits for us.

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