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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grant Imahara #SDCC 2013

I love the program guide and the 'Around the Booths' section. It’s like Christmas for me. I get my badge and accompanying paraphernalia and I anxiously wait for the time when I can search through it for the treasures it contains.

Grant Imahara was one of those treasures.  He was appearing at the League of Steam booth.  Something I would have never known about except for the 'Around the Booths' section.

The first autograph I got on Saturday was this one. The League of Steam booth had a great location but somehow wasn’t getting a lot of traffic.  All the better for me.  The line was short.  They gave me a small photo for Grant to sign and I even got a minute to chat with grant.

I said the usually blah blah blah about myth Busters. Then I said I would love more science. He slightly turned in a defensive gesture and said they have a balancing act between entertainment and science.  Translate: blowing up stuff versus educating the public.  Okay, it’s an old dead horse and doesn’t need to be beaten. I get it. But I HAD to say it. 

When he saw I didn’t continue he mentioned that every now and then they sneak a chalk board into a shot with the ‘science stuff’ on it. Before I left, he did say, I should check out the League of Steam.  Which I did.  Grant had appeared in a webisode or two. Looking over their site, they are a much better production than I expected.  While corny, it was entertaining.



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