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Friday, June 6, 2014

Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow #SDCC 2013

I posted this last year. Since I'm very excited about the movie opening this week, I'm republishing. 
I actually read the book, All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. it was very good and I hope the movie stays faithful.

Yes, I’m feeling good about my Saturday.  And yes, you read that right: Tom Cruise.  And yes, this was at the WB booth where I have a horrible record.  So let me bore you with the details.

My friends and I talked about what signing to try for at the WB raffle.  I really didn’t have much of a plan other than the True Blood cast signing. My friends were going to try for a movie called All You Need is Kill.  Being a big Beatles fan I wondered if that was an allusion to All You Need is Love.

As we walked through the line, they told me they hoped Tom Cruise would show. He wasn’t listed to attend.  He was only rumored.  So I figured if the True Blood tickets were gone I would try for this.

Lucky for me, True Blood was no longer available. My friends both got winning tickets for All You Need is Kill… but now the movie is being called Edge of Tomorrow.  I know my luck. I know my track record at WB.  They both got winning tickets so I figured I had zero chance of pulling a winning ticket. I was about to change my mind on what raffle to choose from when I looked over and I saw them looking at me anxiously.  They knew I was about to change my mind and go rogue.

Almost reluctantly, I said Edge of Tomorrow. I pulled a ticket and surprise, I won.  Okay, the hard part is done.

I got to the WB booth not long before the signing started. I’m toward the back of the line. I saw a security guy (not the ComicCon security guys but a guy in a black suit and wearing an ear piece) poke his head out from a back door.  My heart sped up.  Now was the time where we see if the roll of the dice was a winner.  He ducked back behind the door. Then I noticed a lot of ComicCon security guys line up and clear a path and block the pedestrian traffic.

I’m sure that door security ducked behind, leads to the bowels of the convention center.  A place no fans get to traverse.  I’m sure it would be a great refuge from the noise and crowding of the expo floor.  I sure it’s the best way to sneak celebs in and out of the convention.

A minute or so later, a different security guy in a black suit walked out from behind that door. He walked to the booth and looked around and headed back through the door. Then more ComicCon security came by.  

By now a buzz filled the air. A lot of bystanders were wondering what was up.  Adrenaline pumped and I was jittery as the anticipation built.   Yet another security man walked out.  He looked over the situation and talked into his sleeve.  The door opened again and out came the celebs.  Yes, Tom Cruise was there.

I smiled and laughed. The guy next to me offered a high five. Everyone snapped shots with their phones or cameras.  Slowly it dawned on me that I was getting Tom Cruise’s autograph. What a huge name, what a huge addition to my collection.

I texted the wife. Even though her reply was ‘wow’, I knew it dripped with jealously.

There was some ‘excitement’ in the line, some guy jumped into the queue. That set security off. I feared they would cancel the signing.  Luckily the guy ran off and security caught him. I overheard the 'men in black' say they deleted a bunch of pictures from his phone and camera.

The first to sign at this event were the director and screen writer.  I mentioned I liked the previous name of the movie. They said they did too but the studio had decided to make a change at that last minute.  They handed me off to Emily Blunt. I wish I had something to say to her. I was too amazed/shocked about what was happening.

Then Tom Cruise was in front of me. I was nerd-gasming.  He was all smiles; that iconic billboard smile was turned toward me.  I thanked him for coming and doing this.  He shook my hand and then said he was having a blast. 

He said he was having a great time making Bill Paxton quote lines from old movies. Bill slid over to listen. Tom loved hearing Bill say: Game over, Man. And they both said it to me.  Wow, I felt special.  But they treated EVERYONE like that. No was being rushed through the line.

Then I had Tom’s autograph in my grubby little hands.

Next was Bill Paxton. I mentioned I saw him just a couple of days earlier. He said, that’s right he remembered.  I brought up the comment about a couple of other projects.  I said that this movie must be one of those projects. He smiled and said, yes, that cat is out of the bag.

I left the line and walked on air for 10 or 15 minutes. I had other places to be but I know this was the apex.  I couldn’t wait to show the wife. 
The WB curse was officially dead.