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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Courtney Gains and John Franklin - #TFW 2014

Yes, I’ve seen Children of the Corn.  I think I’ve even seen a sequel. A creepy movie.

I’m always surprised how short the tall children actors are.  Courtney Gains is listed as 5’ 10” but that might be like height of college players…prone to exaggeration.  As I walked up, he was finishing a conversation with an older man about B-17’s or B -29’s.  An odd conversation and out of place at a horror convention, until I looked up his credits and saw that he was in the movie Memphis Belle, a story about B- 17’s.

Next to him was John Franklin, also from Children of the Corn and much much shorter. He was also chatting with people but not about WWII airplane.  He also appeared shorter than his ‘official’ height of 5 ‘.  After all, he played Cousin Itt in the Addam’s Family movies.

Both signed and I moved on to the next actor.



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