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Friday, October 25, 2013

Alastair Reynolds LoneStarCon 3

This was another creative autograph (stalking).  I missed the session on Thursday for Alastair Reynolds so I again attended a panel.  This panel was not nearly as interesting. They can’t all be winners.

Alastair walked out with someone and they chatted for several minutes.  I patiently wait.  If they had walked off together, I would have aborted the attempt. I wasn’t about to follow him all over the convention, even if he had Dr Who ties. When they finally disengaged, I was ready with book and pen. I asked if he had time. He said yes.

He took my book and looked at my name badge. I thanked him for coming to Texas. He apologized for the panel. He didn’t think he contributed very much.  I asked if he could veto panel assignments. He said yes, but didn’t really look over what they put him on.

After he handed the book back to me, I let him wander off on his own.  This way he would think I was really stalking him.


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