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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taylor Anderson LoneStarCon 3

Supposedly, Taylor Anderson was doing a signing on Thursday.  That didn’t work out.  So I needed to be a little more aggressive…in a passive sort of way. I stalked him.

I attended a panel he was in and then waited until he was done.  The panel itself was very interesting.  It was titled: a horse is not a jeep. The concept was writing realistically.  If your character was riding a horse, he can’t move as fast as a jeep. The horse needs to be feed, and bedded, etc. The panel was about more than just horses.

As I said, the nice thing about panels is you get to see the author from behind the books. After the panel, I walked into the concourse and waited. I had my book and pen ready. When I saw Taylor, I walked over to him. A few other people we waiting for him too and I could see he was willing to sign.

Taylor is a big guy. Big like me. Tall, filled out, and wear blues jean with a cowboy hat.  He has a Texas draw. As he signed, a petite and very pretty lady approached him to tell him where he needed to go. I asked if she was here to keep him out of trouble.  He smirked and said he didn’t mind being late for the next panel.  He really didn’t have a clue was it was about.

He handed back my book and thanked me for being a reader. Then the two of them walked off to the next panel.


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