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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gini Koch LoneStarCon 3

Previously I wrote about Gini Koch and her dynamic personality.  It was a brief but fun experience at SDCC.  When I wrote that, I knew she would be at LoneStarCon too. 

I was hanging out with my sci fi geek friends and I saw that Gini was signing. She had a nice line of fans waiting for autographs. Many of them were bringing well read books.  I waited until she was done with her fans and then I walked up.  I barely said ‘hi, I saw you at ComicCon’ when she popped up out of her chair and came around to hug me.  She told me I wasn’t all sweaty now.  She did remember the previous encounter.  I leaned over (I kinda towered over her) and hugged her and took care not to knock her pink cowboy hat off.

I looked over to see my friends smiling at they watched on with amusement. They know I’m not a big touchy feely person but they saw me obediently hugging this good natured redheaded Svengali. This was incredibly entertaining for them.

My intent was to just lean over and say ‘hi’ and then leave.  A verbal hit and run.  Since I was the end of the line, Gini started chatting.  Once again I was swirling in her whirlpool. I was powerless.

Since I didn’t have any books for her, she started signing promotional postcards from the books she wrote.  As she wrote I tried to chat and not distract her.

We had Arizona in common although in different parts. Spouses don’t always come to these shows as it’s not really there thing. Tex-Mex versus Mexican food. And we talked about how we may be able to listen and type but we can’t talk and type at the same time. What we say is what we type. It’s interesting where a conversation will go on its own accord without interruptions.

Since she was signing 9 postcards, she took a lot of time with me and I felt guilty.  She told me since no one was asking her to give up her seat, I shouldn’t mind.  When she finished we hugged again.  It was good to see her.

My friends met me not far from her table and they were laughing.  I hoped Gini didn’t think they were laughing at her. They were laughing at me because they knew I was just slightly outside my comfort zone.  They were also jealous that an author was interested in seeing me and not them.

So, once again I survived the energetic Gini Koch.  As long as she uses her powers for good the world will be a safer place…


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