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Thursday, October 17, 2013

George R R Martin LoneStarCon 3

A little over a year ago I wrote about getting George R RMartin's autograph and I didn’t even know who he was. I did it for a friend.  This time I knew who he was and I did it for myself.

While he wasn’t the first autograph I picked up at WorldCon, George R R Martin is probably the biggest name I got while there.  I think people came to WorldCon just to see George Martin. Hours before the signing people were circling to see if a line had started.

Because I did ‘a solid’ for other James Gunn collector, he saved me a place in line for George.  When I joined him, the line was about 50 people deep and still 30 minutes to before the signing. That’s impressive for WorldCon.

I chatted idly with my new friend.  We were very different collectors. But we had a lot of common ground and it was good conversation.  After a bit I noticed some of my sci fi geek friends. There are people I’ve known for over a decade.  I excused myself and waved them down.

As we chatted they eyed the Martin line which had grown to 100 people or so.  They mentioned the line was too long.  I tried not to smile.  A 100 people is cake walk to this SDCC veteran.

After chatting for 10 minutes, they went their way and I rejoined the line with my new friend.  Once George RR Martin got there the line went fast.  Martin is a signing machine. He knows how to process people.

This time I knew who he was.  This time he wasn’t making idle chit chat either - because everyone knew who he was.  As I got 2 books signed, I said I just found out he was from Jersey.  Being a fellow Jerseyite, I was proud of that.  He nodded and said he lives in New Mexico now.

And that was that. I left with my 2 signed books. 


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