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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

James Gunn LoneStarCon 3

James Gunn had a longer line than anyone so far. I was behind several hard core collectors. They had leather bound editions they were getting signed.  I have seen several of these collectors before but not with the leather bounds books.  This was a new wrinkle in collecting. The books were very limited edition and I think, not sure, were already signed.

As I people watched, I heard them talk about how many books they needed signed and their plans for the next signing.  They had brought boxes of books for several different authors and had them littered to one side of the autograph area.  Although they talked to each other they really didn’t know each other. They were acquaintances with a common interest.

When I was closer to the front of the James Gunn Line, I pulled out my one lone book. It was like chum to sharks. With a 3 book limit, I was asked if I could take 2 other books with me.  Believing in positive karma, I said yes.

James is a living legends of the si fi community.  I was happy to add him to my collection. He signed my beat up copy of The Listeners and then the two nice leather bound books I had. He knew I was being a mule for someone else.  So when I thanked him, he nodded to me AND the other guy.  Sharp he is.


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