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Monday, October 21, 2013

Robert Silverberg LoneStarCon 3

Robert Silverberg is another name I have seen on bookshelves forever.  It was about time I added him to my collection.

He stood out as he walked through the convention.  people did stop and stare or just nod as he passed by. The wife and I were staying at the same hotel as he. We ate breakfast each morning about the same time. We saw him make the rounds as he talked to his fellow writers.  Yes, I’ll admit I tried to listen in.

This was another author that the leather bound crowd was interested in.  I joined the line much later than they did, so I didn’t add any karma to my slate.

As I handed over my book, he looked at it and paused.  He said something I don’t remember. It was some little thing to try to connect the book and me and him.  I’m sure he does it all the time with every person but it was a nice.


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