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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sylvester McCoy Space City Con 2013

Sylvester McCoy was the main reason I attended Space City Con in Houston.  The 4 hour drive was really to get a chance at a Doctor.  Doctors from Dr Who are hard to get in the US.  They don’t do the circuit much. Age and travel become an issue.     

While the show was crowded and unorganized, I was able to get all of the autographs I considered important within an hour.  Sylvester McCoy was busy at this show. The convention had him doing photos ops and panels and what not so he wasn’t at his table whenever I popped by.

Sylvester is my second favorite ‘old school’ Doctor.  Baker is my favorite because I watched him for so many years.  I grew up with him.  I had mixed feelings about the ‘others’. They never charmed me like Baker.  Sylvester McCoy charmed me fairly quickly. Maybe because the episodes referenced back to old episodes. Maybe the show tied Merlin into the Dr Who Universe.  Maybe Sylvester seem more comfortable in the role. 

I was excited about get this signature. So I waited. And I waited some more. I hung out and made friends. Every now and then I did a swim past the signing table. At the 3 hour mark of my convention, I overheard something about Sylvester was coming back within 10 minutes.  Granted it was gossip but I acted on it. I got in line.  Yes, there was a line.  About 5 hardcore fans had been waiting in line for over an hour. I joined them.

And not 10 minutes later I was rewarded with seeing Sylvester McCoy ride a scooter to the table.  Apparently he hurt his foot and was using it to get around.  It was not a sign of an impending regeneration.

He was friendly and patient with the fans. He listened and smiled and ensured the table photo looked good before moving on to the next person.  He had a nice selection of photos to choose from.  He even had some spoons sitting on the table.

I wish I could say I was witty and we instantly started into a conversation like old friends.  I was just too excited about the opportunity. I mentioned the spoons, I mentioned seeing him recently on BBC America Dr Who Specials. And then left with my signed photo.

I slipped my photo into a top loader and then I was done. I walked back to the car and drove 4 hours home.


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