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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Space City Con 2013 musings

This was the first time I went to Space City Con. I think it might be just the second show they presented.


Sylvester McCoy.  It’s hard for get a Doctor in the US.

Their website had the info you needed, although some of wasn’t that easy to find.  I’m a big fan of who, what, where, and when.  I want to find the basics on the landing page or one click away.

A nice supporting list of celebs.

A nice amount of cosplay.


Crowded. The long hallway to get to some of the celebs was lined with fan tables and the panel rooms were in the same hallway. A lot of people were in a confined space.

They wanted you to buy autographs tickets at the ‘front desk’. Cash was not supposed to be paid at the tables.  Not really sure of the ‘why’ but it defeats the impulse purchase or the ‘add on’ purchase.

Determination: I’d go again if the guest list is right. They have moved to a new location. It’ll be roomier although it is an addition hour drive for me. 


Total aside:

I was seating outside, away from the crowd, eating a power bar and drinking my water as I waited for the clock to tick away until Sylvester McCoy ‘s signing.  I was more or less minding my own business when a young lady exited the building and sat next to me.  She was very noticeable.  Besides being very pretty, she was very tall.  Six foot tall. Her mom followed her out. Her mom was very short and not that pretty.

They were chatting among themselves and looking over their haul.  They had several autographed photos that were not being handled all that gently.  I could already see a crimp in one of them.  Both of them were tired and complaining about the size of the crowd.  Being a veteran of a few conventions, I tried not smirk in derision.

A gust of wind blew by and lifted a couple of the photos from the young cute one’s hand.  I bent over and picked one up and handed it back to her.  Then I reached into my backpack and pulled out an extra couple of top loaders.  I handed them over and told her she could put 2 photos in one plastic sleeve.

While I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, I am.  People spend a lot of money on autographs but don’t come prepared. I usually hand out one or two top loader per convention.  I just can’t bear to see a photo get bent.  That’s not to say all of my photos and posters are pristine.  It’s something that I readily notice.  It’s a rookie mistake and it shows how many rookies are out there.   

Then the chit chat started.  I’ve been known to ask a question or two in my time.  But the young cute one was ready to talk without me doing the work.  She told me about her plans for college.  I learned about her plans on moving ‘away’ (less than 100 miles from home).   I discovered what she considered trashy when a cosplayers walked outside to smoke a cigarette.  That comment surprised me most. The young cute one was wearing very short shorts. With her height her shorts looked even shorter than they were. So the distain she showed to the lady in the stilettoes and fishnets seemed odd.  These are the encounters that make conventions memorable.



  1. I'm going to try and make it to the next show, sounds decent but could use some tweaking.

  2. Daniel – the lineup for January looks very good. There a few names I would really like to get.