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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Torri Higginson Space City Con 2013

Torri Higginson was the first autograph I picked up at Space City Con in Houston.  The show was crowded and it was messy and just sprawled across the hotel.  I found Torri’s table before I checked in.  I actually could have gotten my all of my autographs without ever getting my badge or wrist band or whatever they gave me.  But I was good; I left and stood in a long line just to be official.

When I got back to Torri Higginson’s table, she was with her handler. They seemed to be friends.  As I picked out a photo and paid, Torri asked how I was doing.  I gave her my pat line, the line I use every day, the line that made Denzal Washington laugh: I’m staying out of trouble.

Torri and her handler both smiled and almost in unison said: that was no fun.  I smiled slightly and quietly added in my dead pan way: There’s less to explain to the wife that way.  They thought that was funny and the handler leaned over to Torri and said: you ought to write something to get him in trouble with the wife.  We shared the laugh. And Torri paused to mull that over.  It took a moment to realize that was what she was doing.

I said: really, just the signature would be fine. Torri hesitated and with a mischievous smile looked up expectantly.  She seemed up to the task of getting me in trouble with the wife. She raised an eyebrow and waited for my consent.  When a beautiful woman wants to get you in trouble it’s hard to say no.  Despite the mischievous smile and alluring raised eyebrow, I refused to have her lead me astray.

I held my ground.

 She signed the photo.

Now I wonder what she would have written and if I could have posted it.


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