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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Connie Willis LoneStarCon 3 2013

I have gotten Connie Willis years ago. She really wasn’t on my radar this time.

I was in a long line for another author. At the same time, Connie was also signing.  When I finally got out of my line, I looked at the time. There was still about 15 minutes left in the autograph session.  Connie was still at her table signing and she only had a couple of people left.  A game time decision was made, I quickly bought a couple of books for her to sign.  When I went back to her table, she was gone. I wasn’t quick enough. Ugh

That is the problem with game time decisions, sometimes they backfire. Slightly chagrinned, I let my wife know I spent money on books I didn’t get signed.

After the convention, I started organizing the books I took and bought at the WorldCon. I flipped through the books reviewing the autographs and taking photos. Then I saw that Connie had already autographed the books.  Like many of the authors at the convention, she visited the book vendors and signed her books. 

Even with my failed game time decision, I still ended up with her autograph.


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