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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Heather Paul and Catherine Coleman LoneStarCon 3 2013

Not everyone at a WorldCon is author. Or maybe they are not JUST authors. Either way, many of the guests are scientists or even astronauts; which is the case for Heather Paul (scientist) and Catherine Coleman (astronaut).

While this wasn’t on my radar, it was a great surprise. I got in line early. About 10 women lined up in front of me who were very excited to see female NASA guests. The ladies in front of me were either teachers or scientists themselves.

As they stepped to the autograph table, the fans grinned with pride as they chatted with the 2 women.  Both Heather and Catherine seemed just as excited to meet these ladies.

When it was my turn, the first thing I noticed was the pink streak in Heather’s hair. I asked if she caught any crap for that. She smiled and said ‘no’. People actually liked she was willing to show some personality.  Catherine was more reserved although she smiled and answered any questions.

I got my photos and left the table very happy.

Later that day, the wife and I had dinner with some family.  I was surprised by the excitement over these autographs.  I had not realized how important these women were as role models.  It seems that maybe people just aren’t aware of what really is possible. Not because something hasn’t been done, but people aren’t aware of what had been accomplished.


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