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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

John Scalzi LoneStarCon 3

In some ways, John Scalzi is the Rock Star of Nerd-dom. He has a huge following on Twitter. He hangs out and twits publicly with Wil Wheaton.  He’s won Hugo awards. He’s youngish.  He’s full of energy. He enjoys meeting his fans. He’s a funny guy. He's a charmer.

I loved his Old Man’s War series.   I crossed path with him in Denver. I saw him in a few panels and decided I wanted to read his books. I follow him on Titter. He’s amusing. He does have some hard core fans that seem to live, eat, breath John Scalzi.   

As you would expect the line was long. It was slow as he was interacting with his fans.  He was laughing and sharing inside jokes and his fans were eating it up. I got to him just at the hour mark. The signing was supposed to end after an hour.

He looked at watch.  He looked at the crowd. He looked at me.  He said: I really didn’t want to go to the awards walk though anyway. Implying this was the excuse he needed to blow that off.  We both chuckled. So I asked if he would get in trouble.  He said he CAN’T leave people in line. That is what he’ll tell the planners.  He had people needing him.

A really nice experience.


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