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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Veronica Roth B&N 10/23/13

Just because there is a buzz about this movie I decided to get this book signed.  I even had co-workers asking if I knew about this signing.  So I figured I HAD to go.

I previously got Veronica Roth at SDCC.  She and a few of the cast signed a Divergent movie poster.  I was one of the lucky ones. Again I only knew about the movie because of the buzz from the people that were standing in line with me.

This book signing was large.  I skipped lunch the day before to buy my book and get my wristband.  I got to the event at the requested queue time.  Once I found my place in line, I barely had a chance to look around before we were ushered upstairs.

While the line snaked around a lot, it constantly moved; which was surprising as you could see Veronica took a second or two with each person.  As the line moved, I watched her sign. She is a very pretty young lady.  When she leaned forward to sign she would appear so serious.  Then a fan would say something and a smile would light up her face. 

When my turn arrived, she looked at me and then looked for my phantom daughter.  I was one of the few males in attendance. And probably the only guy that didn’t have a daughter drag them to this.  She recovered quickly and signed.  I leaned over and said I was one of the lucky ones to get her signature at ComicCon.

She rewarded me with one of those smiles.  She mentioned it was a lot of fun.  I asked if she got to see a lot of the chaos and craziness on the floor.  I also added that the signings way in the back of the convention center are such a contrast.  She did admit is it was much calmer back there. 

She seemed willing to chat more but I was very conscience of the line and I really had no more to say.  I thanked her and left.


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