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Friday, November 22, 2013

S B Newman – from an Uncle

My wife’s Uncle and I get signed books for each other.   This works well for both of us as we are exposed to more authors and events that way.

He lives in San Antonio and is ex-Air Force.  He reads a lot of military books and the local Air Force Base will bring in some authors.  He’s very good about reading the books he has signed.  For me, the books tend to get stacked on a book shelf to collect dust.

One of the authors he picked up at the Base was S B Newman for the book The Night Eagles Soared.  A few days after the signing, I received a package in the mail. I saw it was the Uncle. While I didn’t know what it was, I did now it was a signed book.  I greedily tore it open and checked it out.

I called to let him know I got the book. I might have been a day or two late in calling. He laughed as he asked if I’d read it. Guiltily I admitted probably not.  

Part of the addiction of collecting is that you get caught up in the collecting and don’t spend enough time enjoying what you have accomplished.


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