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Monday, November 25, 2013

Dallas Fan Days 2013

As always, Mark and Ben put on a good show.  They brought in Tom Kane and Charles Baker as free or extremely inexpensive signatures.  While the crowd was lighter than Dallas ComicCon, it was a crowd that was extremely excited about John Barrowman. Whether it was John’s charisma or the thirst for Dr Who guests, he had the biggest impact at the show.

Dr Who (new and thankfully the old too) was the theme du jour of the cosplayers.  While Tom Baker is usually the ‘easy’ Whovian cosplay, I noted a couple of Peter Davisons (one with celery) and Sylvester McCoys.   Since Barrowman was there, there was a plethora of Capt Jack’s. 

Much like Baker is a quick and easy cosplay, Amy Pond was very popular.  I was glad to see Donna Noble and a couple of Rose Tylers. Is a Leela or Sarah Jane far behind?

With the increase popularity (or mainstreaming) of cosplay, the addition of a red carpet for the players, has been a bit hit for the last few shows.  It’s a good opportunity to strike a pose and get quality photos.

The only real negatives were not as many celebs showed up on Friday to sign.  We also had rain on the weekend so the used for parking was closed. 


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