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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Charles Baker Dallas Fan Days

Yes, I’m the one person in America that didn’t watch Breaking Bad.  The concept never even intrigued me.  So when I do get around to watching it, I’ll probably kick myself for waiting so long.

Since, I never watched the series, Charles Baker wasn’t on my radar.  This was a ‘free’ autograph.  You only needed to buy the photo.   As I was exploring on Friday, I bumped to a friend and we end up in line together.  We spent the time catching up.  As we chatted another friend joined us.

Most people were buying little plastic bags of blue candy also.  It represented the Meth from the show.  Everyone seemed excited to pose with the baggy and the actor.

As Charles signed, I realized it was ‘bad’.  He picked up a silver Sharpie that has seen better days.  He signed. He paused to review. The signature barely showed.  Not a complainer, I took my photo and waited for my friends.

While we were waiting other friends joined the line further back. I decided to join them and spend some time catching up.

Even though it was a so-so autograph, it was ‘cheap’ and I got some quality time with friends.


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