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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jamie Bamber Dallas Fan Days

Surprisingly when I saw Jamie Bamber, no one was in line for him.  So I walked right up.  He seemed to brighten.  I mentioned I was sorry to miss him at Houston a few months back. Then I asked if he’d been to Texas before. He told he had family near Houston and he’s been to the state often. He also mentioned that he was sorry to miss out on Houston too.  It would have been good to get with family.

Since no one was behind me, we actually talked about the Dallas sports teams. Who would imagine: two guys talking sports?  So cliché, huh?

Then two very obvious fan girls walked up.  Just the 2 of them raised the decibel level as they gushed all over Jamie from 20 feet away.  I knew my cue and left.  Jamie turned on the charm and enchanted the girls.  As I walked away, one mentioned she was in training to be a colonial marine or something and was bringing out her training manual.  I think she wanted it signed.

Since I had enough estrogen, I moved on to the next signature.


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