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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giancarlo Esposito Dallas fan Days 2013

Since I’ve never watched Breaking Bad, I didn’t realize that Giancarlo Esposito was in that series. As I stood in his long line, I found that that his Breaking Bad character was very popular.  I however, was in line because to the show Revolution.

The best part of this long line was talking to some young fans.  They had just discovered Dr Who.  That was pretty exciting for me. They had tons of questions, especially about the ‘old’ Who. 

 As I mentioned earlier, with John Barrowman’s appearance, a lot of Whovian cosplayers were out and about.  While this young couple knew the cosplayers were doing something from Who, they weren’t sure what.  It was nice to talk old Who but also alleviate their fears they needed to watch 25 seasons of the old before starting on the new.

As the line drew closer, I could see people excitedly pose with Giancarlo with a green boxcutter at their throats.  This time, the young fans returned the favor and filled me in about Breaking Bad history. 

As I stood in front of Giancarlo, I handed over the photo and asked if he knew how to ride before filming of Revolution.  He admitted he did ride before the show. He added he enjoyed it a lot and would like to get back in the saddle more.

With a long line behind me, I left with a quick ‘thank you’.


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